Saturday, January 13, 2007

Lazy Saturday 1-13

WOW it is cold here. We are having an ice storm. I know to some of you I am a weiner. It isn't like -20 or anything like it is for some of you, but I hate cold weather. It gives me the blues. I slept so much today, so not like me. My dh went out to a meeting today and returned with a movie. A chick flick at that. Broken Bridges with Toby Keith. It was really good. For those of you that know me I have a really hard time sitting through a movie. Too ADHD for that, but I guess the weather made me do it today. I still can't believe he chose a chick flick over football, that is equally as odd for him. :-( Sad that I was cut this week from the survivor contest. I am really proud to have made it into the top 5. I still get the honor of being March Guest Designer, can't wait for that. I am a survivor game nut. I am currently playing one on and one begining soon at :-( Again because my DT term at is coming to an end, hope she chooses me to continue on. This is a fairly new site and I love being a part of the growing process. Any hoo, see ya later, keep toasty where ever you are!

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