Saturday, December 30, 2006


anyone else here have a magazine addiction? I went to WM and ended up buying 3 magazines. They are so expensive too. After leaving I was thinking, "did I really need all three?" but each one had something really cute in it. I also am a magazine keeper. You know since they cost so much don't throw them away. They are like old clothes, the things in them come back into style (one of these days). I just wish I could get a darn layout published in one of them. I think they should add that queston to the submission list "How many magazines do you buy in a month?"

Friday, December 29, 2006

LOTD 12-29

Many thanks to for choosing me for Layout of the Day. It so made my day! Thanks Jaci and Jeanne for your words of encouragement. Thanks for visiting
Wow, my schedule is so off! This is like the third night in a row that I have been up past 1 am. I am going to be in so much trouble when I go back to work. It is just so nice. No noise, no "Mommy can I have some milk." I am getting lots of layouts done though, even submitting some. I haven't submitted since the summer. Life has just taken over. I am enjoying being part Survivor Contest. I am in the top 7 now. I have great hopes to be in the top 2 and get a wonderful DT position there. Everyone keep your fingers crossed for me. Well, have a great day! Off to bed.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Check out my Slide Show!


What do you do with all of the cards that you make? I have been on a card making kick and I wonder what am I going to do with them all. I love the way that they are turning out and plan on submitting some of them. Yes, this is how I am spending my Christmas break. I should be cleaning my house but... The kids are enjoying there Christmas toys so why bother, they have them all over the house anyway. Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas to all!

Well it is here. The kids got all of their gifts this morning and the house is now a mess from wrapping paper and toys. "Santa" forgot to get batteries for one of the toys. When I was trying to explain to my 2 yr old why it wouldn't work, the 5 year old said, " well, you bought it." We opted to stay home this Christmas and have some relaxing family time. Maybe get a little scrapbooking done while the dh watches football. Merry Christmas to all, and hope everyone has a safe holiday season.