Friday, January 30, 2009

Crop this weekend at YMBD

YMBD is having an online crop this weekend! Come on over and have a little fun with us. While you are there, check out the great new scroll cutouts. They are soooo yummy.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hi girls, sorry I have not been around much since the beginning of the week. My dad had to have surgery on Friday and they took out a mass from his bladder and are saying it is cancer. So I have been down there, not sure how much going I will have to do back and forth (3 hrs one way), I am trying to talk him into coming here since our drs are better and this is where he had his kidney transplant. He is in double jeapordy since the meds they want to use to treat this could affect his anti rejection medicine for the kidney which has already dropped to working 80%. For now all we are doing is waiting.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

'08 reflection

kinda whirling this around in my mind for a layout this afternoon. I left '07 feeling kind of down and out: stepdaughter moved out and wasn't making good choices, ds moved in with his dad, I had lost one of the closest people in my life (grandma), I had a miscarriage. So needless to say I was looking forward to 2008 to be a better year. Well it has been. I have had a better year at work, enjoying my new postition that I had much aprehension about. My family is all well and healthy. I have come to accept the changes with my oldest children. We had a new baby (Ciera). We are more involved with our church. 2008 has been a good year and I am looking forward to seeing what is in store for me in 2009. Happy New Year everyone!! May God bless you through out!!