Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Join me in the Faith Sisters My Lifetime Story

Join me in the Faith Sisters My Lifetime Story

Photo List for January through March 2010

Only 9 days until the My Lifetime Story project begins!

Completing a project like this does require preparation. I have spent many wasted hours when I go to create searching for a photo, scanning or making a duplicate. We are posting a few months in advance so you have the opportunity to prepare and gather photos for this project. Once your photos are gathered you will be ready to create each week the challenges are posted.

*My life collage- an assortment of photos of you ranging from baby, childhood, teen, and adult. That showcase you and the milestones through your life. 6-18 photos

*My Birth Story- your first photos, baby photos, /birth certificate.

*My family tree- names, birth dates & photo of yourself, your parents, your grandparents, your great grandparents.

*4-6 additional photos of your parents and grandparents for a layout about them.

*Photos of your siblings (childhood and adult photos)

*Homes you have lived in/your home town

*Childhood Favorites (toys, memories, vacations, family members, cousins)

*Childhood Friends/Pets

*Churches you attended when you were young, photos of you at religious activities or baptism.

Follow this challenge in our forums here! Post to let us know that you are joining us!

We are also giving away a prize in November just for posting about the My Lifetime Story Challenge on your blog or facebook. Find out more about the give away by clicking here!

Everyone is so excited to begin the My Lifetime Story project. 57 days feels like forever! We will be giving you some things to work on during this 57 days to make the wait a little more bearable! Stay tuned for more!

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