Thursday, November 8, 2007

Technique: Eyelet Doodling

Looking for a cheap and easy way to add zip to your layout. This technique will enable you to stretch your scraps into more layouts. On this layout I used my last two sad pieces of AC Metropolitan from Oct. kit and still got a great layout. Eyelet doodling isn't what you think, or atleast not what I thought . Everyone is shying away from eyelets these days but we all have the tools, and that is all you need.

The Essentials are:
Your layout materials: cardstock, pp, and photos
Eyelet setter with multi holes sizes
Setting Mat

Step 1
Once you have your page design in mind, adhear papers and photos, keeping in mind where you want your eyelet doodles to go.
Sketch the doodles (or use a templete) using your pencil.

Step 2
Once you have sketched the doodle, use the larges hole punch to randomly scatter wholes along your doodle. Not to close together.

Step 3
Next use the medium and/or other size hole punches to fill in between the largest holes.

Step 4
Erase the pencil sketch carefully. Adhere a contrasting cardstock or pp to the back side of the layout, covering the holes. (this is what shows thru) this is a great time to use up some of those scraps.

Step 5
Adhere any demensional embellishments, letters etc and your layout is finished.

Supplies for this layout provided by, step by step photos shown there under Tips and Techniques and/or mini classes


Rachel said...

Love your layout! Eyelet doodling is one of my favorite techniques. :) Great tutorial.

Nicole said...

Awesome layout and thanks for the instructions on the eyelet doodling!!!